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This Is Our Story

Our founder arrived in the United States at the age of 16, around '64, to help their grandparents and the family have a better future. He started working at a Tortilleria called La Gloria in Boyle Heights. He learned everything he knows about making tortillas there, and it wasn't easy, but the hunger was great.

Nostalgia Wrapped in Every Tortilla

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He decided to start a tortilla delivery route

He began his own production and then delivered the tortillas. Working for many years making tortillas turned into a dream for him to have his own Tortilleria. In 1995, an opportunity arose to purchase an already established Tortilleria. In 1996, his dream came true. He bought the Tortilleria without knowing its structural condition and bad reputation, but he didn't mind. He saw the potential it had and what it could become.


The Tortilleria offers tortillas made with 100% corn, which sets us apart from other Tortillerias today.

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It was a very tough time for him

but with the help of God and prayers, he managed to overcome the challenges. This year, in 2023, marks 27 years since then, and the Tortilleria continues to stand strong, offering its production to the community and restaurants.

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